Everybody involved in a “Lean Business” continuously eliminates waste and creates value.

The objective of our system is to develop a culture which leads to a more efficient organization, implementing changes in the business processes with the aim of boosting response time by means of reduction in waste, costs and time spent.

We get involved in all the stages of the service or product’s lifecycle:


  • Industrial companies in all sectors
  • Logistics and distribution companies
  • Technical offices
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Professional offices


  • Business Strategy
  • Corporate Development
  • Talent Management
  • Innovation
  • Restructuring

“Our Lean Business Systems are based around people and continuous improvement”

To help you to transform your company into a “Lean Business” we use a dynamic methodology, based on knowledge and focused on the client.

We rely upon PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycles:

1. Planning Phase

We evaluate your company’s position in comparison to a Lean Business, to determine the areas in which improvements can be made.

We define and agree:

  • The targets and the monitoring indicators
  • The road map or action plan which will allow us to bring about these opportunities for improvement, taking those critical control points which suit us best.

2. Implementation Phase

We apply the road map with the help of Lean tools. We manage the cultural change and the training within the organization.

3. Verification Phase

We measure results and analyze the development of the monitoring indicators against the defined targets.

We study possible deviations and apply remedial measures as required.

4. Assurance Phase

We create work and performance standards to build in to the system the improvements made.

We launch the final corrective measures to prevent possible deviations.

Where there is still the possibility of improvement, we start a new PDCA cycle.